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Welcome to the site of the Society for Research into Empathy, Cruelty and Sociopathy. SoRECS is a registered charity based in the UK. This site was developed to offer people information about, and insights into, the work of the charity. If individually we do our bit, then together we can make a difference and see cruelty in daily life diminish and empathy grow in culture.

We raise funds to support people and organisations who work at the cutting-edge of cruelty prevention and empathy building. By funding high quality research and projects and building a stronger evidence-base about what thwarts everyday cruelty, we can help people educate and help themselves.

We hope that you want to get involved in the work of the charity. There are many ways in which you can help us. For instance, there are articles to read, and resources (visit Resources) and research findings to share. Perhaps you are interested in setting up  a ‘Living Library’ event in your area, or you are a therapist who would like to know more about dealing with sociopathic abuse so you can be added to the SoRECS Directory of Therapists; a directory of therapists and counsellors with expertise in helping people who’ve been on the receiving end of cruelty and abuse (see Training).  Perhaps you have ideas for a community project, or you are a researcher and would like to apply for a small grant from SoRECS (see Research). Or perhaps you are willing to make a donation to the charity so we can fund research and projects for years to come. In whatever shape and form your help comes, we’re glad that you want to do your bit.

Thank you for visiting our page.

Please note  SoRECS is not an advice and counselling service . We strongly advise those who have been affected by abuse to seek professional help. However, SoRECS provides a list of useful  contacts under Recovery Resources section of the web site and a list of reading material under Further reading as an aid to those affected by harassment and abuse.

SoRECS – The Society for Research into Empathy, Cruelty & Sociopathy