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SoRECS is a charity that raises funds to support people and organisations who work at the cutting-edge of cruelty prevention and empathy building.


Jane McGregor

Jane McGregor, Ph. D. is a freelance researcher and author. She previously worked as an assistant professor at the Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, University of Nottingham, and as a clinical practitioner in the NHS and U.K. charitable sector. She was a recipient of a Wellcome Trust Ph. D. scholarship and holds a doctorate in public health. She has particular interest and expertise in the following areas: addiction, entrenched behaviour, behaviour change and personality disorder.

In recent years Jane has devoted time to writing books and delivering training. She has written a body of research papers and publications on addiction, she is author of Drink and the City (Nottingham University Press, 2012), co- author of The Empathy Trap: Understanding Antisocial Personalities (Sheldon Press, 2013), its American counterpart, The Sociopath at the Breakfast Table, and Danish version, Sociopaten ved morgenbordet, a further book, Coping with Difficult Families (Sheldon Press, 2014), and French version, Quand un parent vous gâche la vie. Her latest publication is titled Coping with Aggressive Behaviour (Sheldon Press, 2017). She is currently collaborating on a book about coping with high stress in the emergency services and military.

Amanda Smith

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Amanda is a screenwriter and author who, through personal experience and years of researches, has written about sociopathic abuse and therefore how to prevent it in her memoir Toxic No More. She thought she was writing about depression and alcoholism but the words that landed pointed instead to the core of why her life had been the way it had, and how she was groomed into being a target for sociopaths or narcissists from childhood.  In it she purposefully writes through eyes which saw things the way she saw them at the time in the hope that more people can therefore identify with the lies she told herself…and was told by sociopaths she was in ‘relationship’ with. Of course it can’t be a true relationship, as sociopaths are profoundly detached. There cannot be true intimacy on something based on lies…but rather the illusion of one, operating behaviours which were normalised for her including her own self-discounting etc.  Amanda went on to bring her five children up alone though some have contact with their father.

She has previously been a bereavement counsellor, given training, workshops and talks around empowerment and not least as a  mother, has always been in the business of helping grow others. She is passionate about the potentially crippling effects of trauma on people’s success potential…target’s can be reluctant to be ‘visible’ if it wasn’t safe to do so historically.  So ingrained in her is this that John York at the BBC noticed that all her writing projects are about         empowerment…she hadn’t noticed until then.

She lives by the sea and as well as her work with SoRECS, is currently working on writing projects which have the same intention of SoRECS in general…to help inform as many as possible about these insidious sociopathic behaviours and how we can spot it early as well as how we sometimes unwittingly collude with it. She believes it’s never too late to be visible.


Dave Wilson

‘A Life’
Volatile household
Broken family
Custodial battles
‘remedial’ scholar
The tawse++
Playground bullying
Violent lifestyle
Escaping Glasgow (1960’s)
Royal Marines
Shiftless lifestyle
Numerous jobs
‘Saved’ by Art
Life partner
Love and stability
Nursing Assistant
Exhibited paintings/drawings
Fatherhood x 2
Registered Mental Health Nurse
Acute nursing
Challenging Behaviour
Forensic community nursing
‘Severe’ Personality Disorder Specialist
University Lecturer/Assistant Professor
School Lead – Patchwork Text and Concept Analysis
SoRECS trustee
Writer and Painter
Soon to be a Grandfather
Wilson, D.R. (2008), A Phenomenological Encounter: Prelude to a Mental Health Assessment in a Magistrate’s Cells, in Morgan, A. (Ed), (2008), ‘Being Human; Reflections on mental distress in            society’, Ross-on-Wye, PCCS Books, pp151-173.
Wilson, D.R. (2003), Intentional Deception and Lies, British Journal of Forensic Practice, Vol 5, Issue 4, November, pp29-37.

Wilson, D.R. (1984), Empathy, Art, and Education, M.Ed.                        Dissertation, University of Manchester.

Ed Modestino: SoRECS’ American ambassador


Edward Justin Modestino, Ph.D. is a multimodal neuroimaging expert. He has used neuroimaging (fMRI, fcMRI, DTI, SPECT) and electrophysiology (EEG, SC, and plethysmography) as tools to study cognition, attention, perception, and altered states of consciousness, with a special interest in psychopathologies (ADHD, narcolepsy, and Parkinson’s disease).  He plans to study the connection between ADHD and Narcolepsy within the framework of reward deficiency syndrome (RDS) using a connectomic approach, combining neuroimaging and genetic screening.  Furthermore, is in the planning stages of designing neuroimaging experiments to study empathy.  He is currently an independent researcher.  

Keywords:  neuroimaging, empathy, ADHD, narcolepsy, RDS,      genetics.





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