Covert aggressors and con artists often rely on emotional manipulation as their mainstay prop and arsenal. Society for Research into Empathy, Cruelty and Sociopathy (SoRECS) offers a one-day awareness training seminar about recognising when people have been exposed to emotional abuse and assisting people in recovery from it.

Open to the interested lay public, police and others from criminal justice sector, health and social care sectors.

Next course date:  Sept 12

Further dates

 Oct 10, Nov 7, Dec 5  

Cost £130 (lunch and refreshments included) or group booking of 3 or more discounted rate £100.

Discounted rate for survivors of abuse (£60 per person or £50 per person if booking by 2 people or more)

Venue –   Bulgari Hotel, 171 Knightsbridge, London SW7 1DW

Timing –  Registration from 9am.  9.30 start-4pm

Trainer: Dr Jane McGregor

There’s a webinar option so that people can join in live on the day and interact.  Also the event will be recorded and available to purchase as webinar video after the event as well.

Course covers
• Factors that enable and perpetuate covert and emotional/psychological abuse in culture, communities and families.
• Recognising emotional abuse and people in crisis
• Recognising the tactics and effects of emotional manipulation – use real life case studies to examine how abusers make use of positive and negative reinforcement to distort other’s reality and to exercise control over other people.
• Strategies for helping individuals post-abuse
• Complex family and group situations

There is a special offer of a free book when you book your place on the course. This will be given to you on the  day of the course.

All you do is choose ONE of the following books and state which one when you book a place on the course:

1. The Empathy Trap: Understanding antisocial personalities by Dr J. McGregor & T. McGregor (Sheldon Press, 2013)

2. Coping with Difficult Families by Dr J. McGregor & T. McGregor (Sheldon Press, 2014)

3. Coping with Aggressive Behaviour by Dr J. McGregor (Sheldon Press, 2017)

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