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We are committed to disseminating research findings to ensure that public knowledge, frontline delivery of interventions to reduce      cruelty, and efforts to build empathy in culture are well informed and based on reliable, research-based evidence. All our research findings will be publicly available on the Society’s website, as well as in peer-reviewed journals where appropriate. Research and project grants are financed exclusively through the income generated by SoRECS, which is an independent body and charity.

Who will carry out the research?

SoRECS is dedicated to supporting new research in the areas of      cruelty prevention, apathy and empathy in culture. To that end it aims to award funding to projects, many of which will, it’s hoped, make a significant contribution to the evidence base in these areas.

We offer small grants to researchers, in particular to individuals      undertaking PhDs and post-doctoral research. We aim to encourage interdisciplinary research as well as research from a wide range of disciplines on the topics of empathy, apathy, cruelty and sociopathy.

We  invite applications for research grants universities, colleges and independent researchers. SoRECS research priorities are set every three years by Trustees and grant applications will be assessed by its Grants Advisory Panel.

We also encourage community groups with ideas they wish to pilot  to come forward with relevant proposals. Grants are assessed by the Grants Advisory Panel and awarded according to the priorities set by the Trustees. All  initiatives and projects that receive SoRECS grants require evaluation. For an informal discussion about grants for community projects,  contact SoRECS in the first instance using  the contact form available on the web site.

SoRECS also works with other charities as it recognises that often one can make a bigger impact by working together. We are willing to work with interested others from the public sector, from  government departments to small teams working towards tackling issues such as everyday cruelty, reducing apathy and building empathy at the local level.

How is the research publicised?

The work of the charity will be published in a variety of formats –in book form, as electronic books, articles and videos, via public engagements and our training programmes.

Application Process –email for more     details

SoRECS – The Society for Research into Empathy, Cruelty & Sociopathy